Different Parts of Everywhere


We are often asked a series of similar questions about what we are doing when we meet people along the road who are not familiar with the cycle touring life style. No matter how amazing it is that strangers encounter us and show interest in what we are doing, it does sometimes get a bit tedious answering these same questions again and again. Here we have summarized the most Frequently Asked Questions and our common answers to them. We will still happily repeat these answers to people we meet on the road, but now that YOU are here you can inform yourself and have the questions you might have answered.


Kilometres done on this trip? almost 9,000 now that we are in Istanbul

Kilometres cycled in total?
Chris: 120,000?, Dea: 15,000

Wow, that is quite a load! It is not really a question and we don't know how to respond, but yes it is quite a load. And no, it is not too much and not really a problem as we are used to it and not in a rush.

How many kilos on the bike? It depends on the amount of food of water we are carrying, but around 30-35 kilos. Chris once had his loaded bike weighed and it was 50 kilos in total. 

How do we get across oceans? We take ferries (which sometimes come in the form of a cruise ship) and enjoy a break from the cycling and the experience of travelling over the sea. Later on the trip we might take a flight or two

Do you get many punctures? No, we use Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres and they can really take a lot

What do we eat? Mostly sandwiches, cookies, fruit, peanuts and chocolate during the daytime. Baked beans, mashed potatoes, pasta, gnocchi always with great amounts of cheese in it for dinner, all cooked on our camping stove. We eat vegetarian, but Dea accepts meat when it is offered, whereas Chris is truly vegetarian. Our diet depends on what is cheap and available and changes throughout the journey

How many hours do we cycle per day? Approximately 7-8 hours. In winter it means we are cycling constantly from dawn till dusk and then spend 16 hours in the tent, in summer we have more time to make stops during the day, but less time to sleep

Do our bums hurt? Usually not and we don't wear padded shorts

How much money do we spend?  £5-10 pr day pr person which includes food ( £3 pr day), bike repairs, visas, ferries and very rarely accomodation costs
How do we fund our trip? Mostly from the savings we made from pedicabbing in Surfers Paradise, Australia

Have we had any traffic accidents?
Dea: No, but I've bumped into Chris's bike a few times
Chris: I’ve also bumped into Dea’s bike a few times (usually while playing Pine Cone Wars). Oh, and I got hit by an electric rickshaw in China once. I was okay though.

What is the worst experience we have had?
Chris: Witnessing a serious motor vehicle accident in Mongolia.
Dea: Catching an amoeba eye infection on a cruise ship. Horrible to be held back by a disease and not being able to travel on my bike as I dreamed of. No bad experiences with cycle touring has beaten that yet.

What is the best experience we have had?
Chris: Cycling with Dea for the first time in Laos after she surprised me at the border.
Dea: It is very hard to choose. Generally arriving at destinations after several weeks of cycling like Sydney, Surfers Paradise and in Rotterdam to be reunited with Chris stands as special moments of achievement. Seeing wild life like kangaroos, koalas, platypusses, wombats and whales in Australia was also really special, whereas laying flat on the ground looking up into the tree tops after a day's ride is something I appreciate daily

Where do you sleep? In our tent which we usually pitch in forests or other hidden places
Aren´t you cold in winter? During the day cycling keeps us warm and in at night we sleep in our clothes, jackets and 2-3 sleeping bags, and in this way we rarely get cold

Aren´t you scared? Usually not as we have many more positive experiences than negative or dangerous, but you could say that we are aware of potential dangers and take our precautions. For example traffic is no. 1 threat for us and therefore we always wear bright coloured clothes when we cycle, have mirrors on our bikes, use smaller roads as much as possible and always drive sensibly. We do our best to inform ourselves and take our precautions if we are in an area with for example dangerous animals, potential for crime, wild dogs or long distances with sparse food and water ressources

What is our favorite countries?
Chris: I like many different countries for many different reasons. If I had to pick just one I would say Laos. Friendly people, nice scenery, nice roads, nice weather, just great for cycling touring.
Dea: Of the few places I've cycled so far Laos, Holland, Slovenia and Bosnia are my favourites.

Why do we do this? Because we like it

Don't you miss the comfortable life? Not really. We appreciate the periods where we have a place to live, but usually start to miss life on the road after some weeks

Do you miss your family and friends? Of course we do

How often do we answer these questions? 1-2 times every day