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Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, January 2018

Hey everyone. After Dea’s lovely Christmas message I thought I’d follow up with a Happy New Year one. Here it is, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope 2018 is a great year for everyone!

2017 was a great year for us. Last New Year’s Eve was spent at a pub in Malvern, England, watching some very merry folk musicians. I remember sitting watching them and thinking that I was going to try and make the best of 2017 and achieve some big long-term goals of mine. One of these was to finish the book I was in the middle of trying to write. I’d been finding it such hard work writing, but somehow I think I was inspired by those folk musicians, because by March I had finished it. Since then it’s been immensely rewarding for me to see people actually buying it, and to receive feedback and know that people out there are really reading it. Thanks so much if you’ve bought it, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Another of my goals was to finish my circumnavigation by bikes and boats by cycling back to Mori, China. That goal hasn’t quite been fulfilled, as we are of course incredibly slow. However, we did make quite decent progress, and had such a fantastic year cycling across Europe and Asia. From where I now write this I am within 2,000 kilometres of Mori, and eager to press on for the finish line.

So 2018 promises to be an exciting year for us and our New Year’s Resolution is to get the blog up to date as soon as possible so you’ll soon know exactly what we’re up to. As for my new goals, well, I plan to leave the warmth and comfort of my Almaty hostel very soon for the final push to Mori. Not one to make things easy for myself, I’ll be attempting to complete my challenge in the coldest month of the year, with the weather forecast predicting minus twenty degrees and plenty of snow. We’ll be providing regular updates via this blog and the live updates on our home page over the next few weeks to keep you all updated with this exciting last stage of the ‘Mission To Mori’.

There should be plenty more to come after that too, with us continuing to explore different parts of everywhere, and having made a big change of plans from the route we initially intended. Details of this will come very soon in another blog post. I’ve also started work on my second book, and all being well that will be available by the end of the summer.

Once again, thank you to all of you who have been following along with us on our journey. The support means a lot to us, and it’s really nice for us to be able to share the wonderful experiences we’ve had cycling. Hopefully there will be plenty more to come in 2018.

Here’s to a great new year!


12 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Catherine

    Greetings to you both and Happy New Year!!!! Looking forward to continuing to follow your journeys in 2018.
    Take care!!

  2. Randy Klein

    Happy Nee Year! I hope you are doing well and can’t wait to read about your incredible push to the “end”. Although thankfully we know that won’t be the “end” but likely the start of another Triology for your movie. Just like Star Wars. Don’t write prequels though and if you do please make them better than our friend George Lucas did. Remember those of us stuck in a job and traffic, yearning for an adventure. God bless and may the force be with you. 🙂

  3. Kyle

    Good luck, Chris! Enjoy the last miles of your incredible accomplishment. And if you decide it’s too cold none of us will judge you… it is about the journey after all, and you’ve had an incredible one. Excited to hear your thoughts on what’s next, too.

    1. Dea & Chris Post author

      Thanks Kyle. Hope you’ve had a good Christmas and New Year at home. When are you planning to get back on the road?!

    1. Dea & Chris Post author

      Happy New Year Glen, hopefully the book will be out by the end of the summer (which feels like a long way off now)

  4. Jacky and Stephen Fletcher

    Happy New Year and hope it brings many more adventures for you both. Just a thought.. we had an interesting and adventurous ‘Warm Showers’ guy from Almaty stay with us a few years back at Barraganyatti ..you could look him up. His name is Magzhan Sagimbayev.. Best wishes..Jacky and Stephen

    1. Dea & Chris Post author

      Happy New Year Jacky and Stephen. We’re so happy to still have you following us. Unfortunately we were a bit busy in Almaty and didn’t get the chance to look Magzhan up. Maybe next time around…

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