Different Parts of Everywhere

Dreams and maps

Dreams and maps

A big part of doing this trip is, and has already been, all the dreaming and planning that goes before the first pedal strokes, the first view of mountains, the first sight of new languages on the road signs and the first taste of new spices in the food.

The plan about this trip began when another plan went to pieces in April 2016. Stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean we started to realise and accept that Dea had to fly home to Denmark, because her eye was badly infected and no treatment seemed to help. It ruined our plans about cycling through The Americas, but it didn’t shatter our fundamental dream of doing a long jouney together on our bikes. So right there in the cabin we again studied the world map with open minds and began making a new plan. In the end, it became even more exciting than the previous one, taking us through Europe, Central Asia, Nepal and India, Africa and South America.
Later on we visualized our plan on the world map poster we are carrying around. We love to look at it and it looks like this:

Reasons for our route

We have chosen the route for two major reasons:

1) Central Asia is at the top of Dea’s endless of list of places she would like to go and Chris wants to finish his circumnavigation only using bikes and boats by going to Mori in the north western part of China.
2) We want to go to continents and places where we haven’t been before, which for both of us is Balkan, Africa and South America, for Chris India and Nepal, and for Dea Central Asia.

Until we get to Mori we will only use bikes and boats according to Chris’s seven targets. Thereafter we will still atempt to stay on ground as much as possible, and on ground we like to cycle all the way. However we will probably fly over oceans, unless good options for sailing show up. From Mori to Kathmandu staying on ground seems to be difficult, very expensive or time demanding due to politics and a closed border between Tibet and Nepal. It is too early to make a decision on our way from Mori to Kathmandu and we will leave it open until we get closer.

A journey in four sections

Our trip can be divided into a few sections:

1) First we (already) cycled from Denmark to England and spent Christmas with Chris’s family.
We will stay in the UK a couple of months to work on our savings, this website and Chris’s book

2) In March 2017 we will begin cycling from Europe through Central Asia to Mori and one way or the other get to Kathmandu and cycle from there to Mumbai

3) Next we plan to cycle across the southern part of the African continent from Kenya to South Africa and maybe climb Kilimanjaro with a doctor called Dave on the way

4) Finally we wish to cycle around South America. We have not really planned the details of this section of the route and how we get back to Europe from there even less. Let’s just call it an open ending…