Different Parts of Everywhere

Dreams and maps

Dreams and maps (and cruisetimetables.com)

A big part of doing this trip is, and has already been, all the dreaming and planning that goes before the first pedal strokes, the first view of mountains, the first sight of new languages on the road signs and the first taste of new spices in the food.

The plan about this trip began when another plan went to pieces in April 2016. Stuck on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean we started to realise and accept that Dea had to fly home to Denmark, because her eye was badly infected and no treatment seemed to help. It ruined our plans about cycling through the Americas, but it didn’t shatter our fundamental dream of doing a long journey together on our bikes.

We made another plan which was just as good and it looked like this:

The initial plan: Europe, Central and South Asia, Africa and South America

Continuing by bike and boats 

In 2017 we cycled all the way across Europe and most of Central Asia and we had a heck of a good time with lots of challenges and beautiful moments. By the end of the year we got close to a crucial point in our plan: Mori, the town in China, where Chris would finish his circumnavigation of the planet using only bikes and boats (Chris’s Seven Targets), and could again allow himself to use other transport. From here we were planning to continue the journey by flying to Nepal as we wanted to explore South Asia and the only way to get there was to fly (because the options to cycle through Tibet, Pakistan or Myanmar are strictly limited by political circumstances). But as we tried to book these flights, we realised that we both liked the self-inflicted restriction of using only bikes and boats that we had followed so far, and certainly didn’t liked the idea of breaking our continuous line of cycling over land. So instead we decided to keep cycling when we reached Mori all until the eastern end of the Eurasian continent and here catch a cruise ship from Japan to Canada. This will see us pick up the pieces of the scattered dream of 2016 by arriving together in Vancouver Harbour and cycling down through the Americas. From South America we want to find a way to sail across the Atlantic Ocean (probably by cargo ship) to North Africa and from here make our way home to Northern Europe. All this without leaving the earth’s surface and still striving to cycle every inch of the way if possible, because that is what makes sense to us.

The new plan looks like this and we think it looks great:

The new plan: cycle Eurasia west to east, sail across the Pacific Ocean, cycle the Americas north to south, sail across the Atlantic Ocean, cycle from North Africa and home