Different Parts of Everywhere



14th March 2018, Yulin, China

Cycled route distance:
16,978 kilometres since Edinburgh
19,915 kilometres since Copenhagen
77,946 kilometres since Paris (Chris)

Together: red
Dea (alone): pink
Chris (alone): orange
Ferry: yellow
Train (Dea): mint green

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Dreams and Maps

A big part of doing this trip is, and has already been, all the dreaming and planning that goes before the first pedal strokes, the first view of mountains, the first sight of new languages on the road signs and the first taste of new spices in the food…


Chris's Seven Targets

When I originally set out on this journey from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, way back in July 2013, I did so with a list of seven targets. These challenges were intended to help structure my journey, to give me a framework so that I stuck to my task...