Different Parts of Everywhere


Here you will find descriptions of the games we like play while we cycle around the world. They are all invented by Chris and free to copy, develop and play. Have fun!

Pine Cone Wars

Number of players: 2+
Duration: About 10 minutes
Suitable for age: 8+
Objects needed: 10 pine cones per person, helmet, other safety equipment if available
Location: Quiet road
How to play: Each player has 10 pine cones to throw at opponents while cycling. No stopping is allowed. 5 points are scored for hitting the helmet, 3 points for the back panniers, 2 for the front panniers and 1 for a body hit
How dangerous is it: Very
How fun is it: Very


Spotting Things Game

Number of players: 2+
Duration: All day
Suitable for age: 2+
Objects needed: Pen and paper, eyes, hat
How to play: In the morning each player writes 10 things to spot on 10 small pieces of paper. They are all put in a hat and each player selects 10 at random which makes the list of things that person has to spot that day. First player to spot all 10 or whoever spots the most by the end of the day is the winner. Example of things to spot: construction worker, cat, green tractor, bearded cyclist, man walking two dogs etc.
More experienced players may enjoy adding one or two bonus challenges such as the first to spot for example five cats or a yellow car can either remove one thing from their list or swap one thing with one thing from the opponents list.
How dangerous is it: Not very
How fun is it: Very very

The Word Game

Number of players: 2
Duration: 10 seconds to 1 hour or more
Suitable age: 7+
Objects needed: Spelling skills, vocabulary
How to play: Each player says a four letter word at the same time. The challenge is then to find a connecting chain of four letter words that links them by changing only one letter at a time. For example connecting the words ‘WORD’ and ‘GAME’:
How dangerous is it: Not very, but Chris got a headache once
How fun is it: Depends on who wins

Catch the Leaf

Number of players: 1+
Duration: As long as the leaves are falling
Suitable for age: 10+
Objects needed: A bicycle, hands, trees, autumn
How to play: Try to catch falling leaves while cycling. This is not as easy as it sounds.
How dangerous is it: Can be quite dangerous, don’t forget to watch where you are going
How fun is it: Pretty much fun

The Country Game

Number of players: 2
Duration: 10-30 minutes
Suitable for age: 10+
Objects needed: A bit of geographic knowledge
How to play: One player thinks of a country and the other player has ten questions to guess which country it is by asking questions that can be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Play ten rounds and take it in turns to be the one thinking/guessing and think of it as a football penalty shoot out where each player has five shots to score a point.
How dangerous is it: There are no dangers involved with this game, but as with all our games, it should only be played when you’re cycling on a road with no or very little traffic.
How fun is it: Pretty much fun

OTHER GAMES WE RECOMMEND (not to be played while cycling!)

Dog Bingo

Number of players: 2-many
Duration: 15 min
Suitable for age: 10+
Objects needed: Dog Bingo
How to play: You play this game like normal Bingo, but instead of numbers the caller reads out dog breeds as your ticket show the picture and names of a variety of dog breeds. First winner is the one with a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line, second winner is the one with a full ticket.
The game is more fun if there are prizes for the winners. Like dog food or a leash or a cuddly toy dog. We didnt have any prizes, but it was still fun
How dangerous is it: Not dangerous at all. But you can learn a lot about dog breeds
How fun is it: Pretty much fun