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No Wrong Turns

No Wrong Turns

“…the most amazing trip around the world you will ever read about…”

When Chris Pountney pedals away from the Eiffel Tower he is doing more than just going for a bike ride. It is the start of an ambitious attempt to become perhaps the first person ever to circumnavigate the planet using only a bicycle and boats. With a list of seven challenges to guide him (but no real map), he heads east towards Asia and Australia. The Sydney Opera House is his goal.

The story follows Chris as he tackles snowy mountain passes in Turkey, wades across rivers in Tajikistan, eats strange cheeses in Mongolia, and meets with incredible kindness just about everywhere he goes. He lives a simple life – sleeping in a tent, talking to his bike, consuming a really unbelievable number of biscuits, and all the time stubbornly refusing to have anything whatsoever to do with motor vehicles (or escalators). 

But can he overcome all of the visa deadlines, the breakdowns, the bad roads, the headwinds, the kamikaze kangaroos, and the surprisingly frequent danger of being distracted by members of the opposite sex, to successfully pedal all of the way to Sydney?


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Production costs restricted my use of photos within the book, so I have set up a series of online photo albums. These are intended to complement the book. Click here to see the photos.