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The Cuddly Crew

It seems inevitable to reveal one of our odd habits that with no doubt will come out sooner or later anyway. Together with us are travelling seven great companions:

The Cuddly Crew

Mr. Plopples the Platypus, Kevin the Koala, Karen the Kangaroo and Kenneth the teenage-joey, Thomas the Turtle, Wilma the Wombat

They have joined us throughout our trip through Australia in 2015 and are all happy about travelling the world, although with varying enthusiasm. Karen&Kenneth, Thomas and Kevin usually sit in our front panniers watching the world pass by all day. Mr. Plopples often hides deep down in Chris's pannier as he is very old and has already seen it all before. Wilma is a bit of a loner and lives on Dea's handlebars day and night. The others spend the night upstairs in our tent, and what is going on up there is a badly kept secret to us.
Although they are specific Australian species, except from Thomas, they are all of Chinese origin and are looking forward to visit their country of birth again.

On a misty December morning in the British countryside we met our seventh member, Santa. It was a bit of a drama, as he was hanging helplessly upside down from a branch in some trees. He was very relieved to be saved and happy to come with us so he had somebody to give presents. Eventually he was convinced to also go and travel the world with us.


In Turnhout, Belgium, we met the wonderful couple, Ludo and Alda, who invited us to stay over night. When we were about to leave the next morning they asked us if we would mind having a cuddly toy clown joining our cuddly crew. He came from the toy shop that Ludo and Alda used to own, but now he was keen to go on an adventure with us. Of course we didn't mind as we are not the kind of cyclists who are extremely loaded with all sorts of uneccesary stuff and don't have space for anymore excess - oh wait, that is exactly what we are, but that is also exactly why we always have a little more space for another cuddly toy. We named the clown Connor and he rides with Dea. When Ludo and Alda went for a cycle tour themselves from Belgium to Vienna and back they brought Connor's twin with them and named him Conrad.


Alda and CONRAD on Ludo's handlebars

They are cuddly toys with voices and the most unbelievable personalities and behaviors, that brings us many good laughs and they may play their part in the stories we will tell.

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